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Supply Chain Roadshow Details


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The Digital Supply Chain Leaders Network (DSCLN)

The Digital Supply Chain Leaders Network is an exclusive, peer-only, network of the people who have the ultimate responsibility for the end-to-end Supply Chain in some of the biggest and most important companies in the UK and Europe. Only these individuals are capable of creating a joined-up vision of how the Supply Chain will transform over time, and bringing together the Supply Chain capabilities to deliver that change. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM
L'Escargot Restaurant London 

48 Greek Street
Soho, London W1D4EF 


Opening Address: This session examines the implications of the digitization of the Supply Chain – and the big ideas that are set to transform the Supply Chain.

Session One:  Critical Thinking - A panel of Chief Supply Chain experts discuss the central issues that will define their success in tomorrow's digitized supply chain

Session Two:  A seat at the top table – What does that mean for the Supply Chain leader of tomorrow?

Session Three: A choice of three roundtables:

  1. The new role of data, and data sharing, in a digitized supply chain
  2. Consequences for Supply Chain in a post-Brexit World
  3. The challenge of a demand-lead supply chain: Customer experience or customer expectations?

Session Four: Choose from, either, Digital Supply Chain innovation in…

  1. Manufacturing, construction, and energy
  2. Branded products
  3. Retail

Final Session:  Next Steps, including: Date and location of next meeting, use of DSCN Online to continue conversations, work streams and projects, as well as agree any Papers, to inform the DSCN itself.