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London Event

The Digital Supply Chain Leaders Network (DSCLN)

The Digital Supply Chain Leaders Network is an exclusive, peer-only, network of the people who have the ultimate responsibility for the end-to-end Supply Chain in some of the biggest and most important companies in the UK and Europe. Only these individuals are capable of creating a joined-up vision of how the Supply Chain will transform over time, and bringing together the Supply Chain capabilities to deliver that change. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Century Club (Green Room)

61-63 Shaftesbury Ave
London W1D 6LQ 

Autumn Meeting Agenda 

10:00 - 10:30 AM

Gather and Introductions

10:30 - 11:15 AM

Opening Panel: Preparing for Brexit – where are we and how do you prepare your organization for the changes to come?

11:15 - 11:35 PM

Coffee Break

11:35 - 12:20 PM

CSCO Panel - 3 CSCO's discuss their Digitisation journey

12:20 - 2:00 PM


2:00 - 2:45 PM

The warehouse of the future – what will it look like, how will it work and what are the implications for a Chief Supply Chain Officer


2:45 - 3:45 PM

Birds of a feather - choice of 3 roundtables

1. Selling the value of Supply Chain to the rest of the organisation
2. Cultural and personnel issues building the supply chain department to meet tomorrow's needs
3. 6 months to Brexit - planning for success in a post-Brexit World?

3:45 - 4:00 PM

Coffee Break

4:00 – 4:45 PM

Birds of a feather - choice of 3 roundtables
Discuss the practical ways the digitization of the supply chain affects the following industries in the next 3 years?

1. Manufacturing, Construction, and Energy
2. Branded Goods
3. Retail
4:45 – 5:00 PM Final Remarks