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The 2017 "Building a Cloud Practice: The Real Answers" Roadshow

New York

Marketing Presentation – 5 Steps that will drive Local Cloud Marketing Success

Using a variety of marketing tactics to promote your company can yield tremendous success.  In this session, a fellow Cloud partner discusses his marketing strategies, what has worked and what hasn't.  He'll also share the five things he did that really helped drive his company forward.  All in all, a session not to be missed for anyone who wants to understand how to build a more effective local marketing program.


1. Partner Panel - The New Buyer - 3 Partners discuss how they sell to business owners and business unit managers

There are lots of ways to make money in the Cloud – with many different business models. In this session, three CEOs of partner companies will discuss their businesses, why they chose their model(s), and how this enables them to make money. But more importantly, it’s your chance to question them and understand just which model or models would be right for your business.

2. Partner Panel – 3 Partners discuss how they motivate and measure their Sales teams

One of the issues many companies are struggling with the Cloud is how do you find the right salespeople? What should you pay them? How much base? How much commission and bonus? Should it be up-front or recurring commissions? In this fascinating session get involved in this very important discussion as our partner panelists answer your questions and discuss how to find and reward cloud salespeople.


1. What do they bring to the table? – 3 vendors discuss their partner programs

In this panel session, three vendors will discuss just what they offer partner companies. What do their channel programs offer? What will they do to help their partners? This is your chance to really question them and understand if their programs might be right for you. So bring your questions - how often do you get the chance to really understand what key vendors have to offer?

2. The Vendor/Partner Working Relationship – 3 vendors discuss the key attributes of their most successful Cloud partners

We all deal with vendors every day and we all want to make the most of these relationships, but what really works? What do they think partners can do to make the most of the relationship and leverage what they bring to the table? This panel will share their experiences of many years building partner relationships. It’s your chance to question the vendors and understand how you can maximize your relationships with your key vendor partners.