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Security, 24x7!

Kyle Sheldrew had a status update on Linkedin 6 months ago

One of my top clients in the Colorado Springs area is a state of the art, fintech organization. This organization's product is spread out around the world, from football stadiums to local coffee shops. They have a huge reach and client base that has over 700K+ user's. Don't miss out on this great opportunity, and have a chance to work on a world class team.

Nadja Lindgren had a status update on Linkedin 7 months ago

Lyssna på nedan! Jacob Rudbäck så skarpsinnigt att använda ”gameification” för att engagera unga i arbetslivet!

Madhukumar V had a status update on Linkedin 7 months ago

Great article on Serverless. This should be the way to go for App Migration to Cloud!! Alameda County, Calif., used Serverless during the 2016 election to avoid spending $20,000 on upgrading on-premises capacity after surging internet traffic during the 2014 election crashed the county’s server. Using a serverless solution, the county spent only $25 to keep things running smoothly.

Sambatt Chey had a status update on Linkedin 8 months ago

Get 10% - 40% off any #QuickBooks Enterprise. Now through 29th March 2019, you can get 10% off for 1-4 users or 40% off for 5-30 users. Message us to get the deal. For more information, please contact us: 012 982 423 | |

Melissa Bradbury had a status update on Linkedin 10 months ago

Some very interesting content on #cloudcomputing in all of these blogs. Was a great read!

Paul Donoghue had a status update on Linkedin 11 months ago

SP's are THE go-to for BaaS, DRaaS and Recovery Services. Contact us to learn how you too can deliver F-F-C based solutions to your clients, TODAY!

Frank van der Aa had a status update on Linkedin 11 months ago

After almost 1.5 years at Kwalitiv, it's time for me to announce that I will take on a new challenge as Sales & Marketing Officer at Techwave, a global software solutions IT company. I'd like to thank Joep Bogaers for the past year at Kwalitiv and Murthy Maddali and Eveline Van Vooren for their trust in me! Happy and excited to start after the weekend!

Sunir Shah had a status update on Linkedin 12 months ago

Need to reach 400+ SaaS partnership leaders? Review our sponsorship options and then contact us.

Kelly Rodriguez, MBA had a status update on Linkedin 1 year ago

Azure revenue is up 76%. CEO Satya Nadella offered this perspective on the centerpiece of the Microsoft cloud: “Azure is the only hyperscale cloud that extends to the edge across identity, data, application platform and security and management. We introduced 100 new Azure capabilities this quarter alone, focused on both existing workloads like security and new workloads like IoT and Edge AI.”

Daniel Rust, MBA had a status update on Linkedin 1 year ago

Congrats Eric Martorano !

Sam Warren had a status update on Linkedin 1 year ago

.@SoftcatLimited has been named HP Gold Partner of the Year for the second year running!! Contact me for details

John Sexton had a status update on Linkedin 1 year ago

Special thanks goes to our Project Team for delivering the solutions, particularly Katrina Wills who handles the majority of the Telstra Data and TIPT customers.

Derek Hardy had a status update on Linkedin 1 year ago

Today, we are excited to announce @Sprint is unveiling Sprint MultiLine, powered by Movius’s patented technology and communications platform. Sprint MultiLine will allow businesses to add a company-owned number for voice and text on any mobile device -- regardless of the carrier used by the business or the employee. Learn more:

Robin Robins had a status update on Linkedin 1 year ago

To Any MSPs: When following up on a marketing campaign, have you ever been told by the CEO, "I passed that on to my IT guy," but then never be able to get them to call you back? Watch this video:

Indhu Rekha had a status update on Linkedin 2 years ago

Interesting findings from the book I'm reading: 1. Companies run by people who have same background, temperament, personality, IQ and learning style become easy targets for competition because all leaders will share the same blind spots no matter how smart and accomplished they are. 2. Bosses who know the names and ages of employee's children, their employee's hobbies and interests do better than those who offer programs such as 'employee of the month'. - From 'Tribal Leadership' by Dave Logan,John King and Halee Fischer

Clouber’s mCenter provides a platform for modern application life cycle management across public and private clouds. It provides single pane console... Show more

Amar For more detail information it is available at this pointer:
2 years ago
Sivanessen Pillai had a status update on Linkedin 2 years ago

Article in today's TOI. How better it can be to start sunday with such a learning on leadership..

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