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The 2019 "Building a Cloud Practice: The Real Answers" Business Leadership Forum


Vendor Panel - The Vendor/Partner Working Relationship – 3 vendors discuss the key attributes of their most successful Cloud partners (4:10 - 4:45pm)

We all deal with vendors every day and we all want to make the most of these relationships. But what really works. What do they think partners can do to make the most of the relationship and leverage what they bring to the table? This panel will share their experiences of many years building partner relationships. It’s your chance to question the vendors and understand how you can maximize your relationships with your key vendor partners.

Partner Panel - Making money in the Cloud -  3 CEOs of cloud partners discuss their business models (5:05 - 5:45pm)

There are a lot of ways to make money in the Cloud – with many different models. In this session three CEOs of partner companies will discuss their business, why they chose their model (s), and how this enables them to make money. But more importantly, it’s your chance to question them and understand just which model or models would be right for your business.

Partner Presentation - Building a strategy to penetrate a new market sector (7:20 - 8:00pm)

What is required to penetrate a new market sector? In this fascinating presentation our speaker will answer key questions including; How do you assess which sector might be right for you? How do you build the business information to understand what that sector needs? How do you understand what you need to develop in terms of people and services to create an appropriate offering for the new sector? How do you build an appropriate prospect list for the new sector? How do you develop and execute an appropriate marketing strategy? And how do you train your Sales Team to approach this new sector? An essential presentation for anyone looking at new markets and opportunities.