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WEBINAR: Building a Best of Breed Support Team for Today’s ‘New Normal’- Best Practice in Managing Your Clients Remotely and Profitably

Oliver Gnass, John Kampas, Eric Torres,

In the ‘new normal’ effective and importantly cost-effective remote support has become essential in servicing our clients. But with home working how do you avoid your support hours becoming unsustainable? And whilst for many of us we’ve been practicing re ...

WEBINAR: MSP Business Strategies – Building Success in an Uncertain Market!

Leslie Chiorazzi, Gaby Sankovich, Joanna Sobran, Dori Spade,

Let’s face it whatever you believe the rest of 2020 has in store one thing is certain it won’t be the same as 2019! The way people work the needs of our customers are evolving and the MSPs that recognize this will be the winners long term. In this panel, ...

WEBINAR: Market Sectors and Strategies - How to Win Clients in an Uncertain Market

Eric Torres, Eric Buck, Larry Walsh,

Panelists: Eric Torres – Director, Channel Development – Datto, Inc. Eric Buck - Vice President, Global Commercial and Distribution Sales – Hitachi Vantara Larry Walsh - CEO & Chief Analyst - The 2112 Group What are they looking for? Which market s ...

WEBINAR: Effective Sales and Marketing Techniques as We Exit Lockdown

Michael DePalma • Mark Sher • Eric Buck,

How have marketing and sales efforts had to change and how will they continue to change as we start to exit lockdown? And importantly what will key vendors do to help their partners? In this fascinating webinar 3 vendors will discuss their marketing and s ...

WEBINAR: 4 MSP CEOs Discuss Their Plans as Lockdown Eases

• Darcee Nelan • Oli Thordarson • Ryan Walsh • Kayvan Yazdi

As the leader of an MSP how do you plan a business strategy as the lockdown begins to ease? How do you deal with clients who are still struggling? What help should you expect from your vendors? How will your marketing and sales efforts have to change? And ...

WEBINAR: Strategies and Technologies That Will Help You Succeed in Today’s Very Different Market

Whether you are still in lockdown or starting to come out of it your business will have changed and will continue to do so often I ways none of us could have predicted. In this webinar, our panelists will share practical advice and guidance on the strateg ...

WEBINAR: Practical Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive in a Time of Crisis

In this fascinating webinar our panelists will share what their most successful partners are doing not just to survive but also grow their businesses in these very challenging times. In the webinar you will learn how to: 1. Gain real insights into th ...

Key trends shared by the Cloud Services Community’s most successful MSPs

Rod Baptie, ,

So, what, I am often asked, are the key trends in our Cloud Services Community? A community of 5,500 partner CEOs, the majority of whom are MSPs and CSPs. They are 1. Increasing specialization by vertical market sector or by technology. To quote a New Y ...

Choosing, Building and Launching a new Cloud Offering

David DeCamillis, ,

What does it take to build a new Cloud offering? How do you research and decide what to offer? Which vendors should you work with and why? How do you allocate budget and build an effective business plan? How do you build and train a go-to-market team to t ...

How To Maximize Your Traction From Your Marketing Dollars

Crystal McFerran, ,

A Vice President discusses how to get maximum traction from your marketing dollars.

Webinar: Leveraging Social Media to Drive New Business Sales

Kyle Burt, ,

From a business standpoint, there’s no denying that social media is playing an ever-increasing role in both customer engagement and increasing sales leads and thus revenue. Increasingly Channel Partners see that social media provides an opportunity to giv ...

Cloud Denver Presentation: Leveraging the Company Website to Drive Business

Rod Baptie, ,

Leveraging the Company Website to Drive Business - What Really Works?

Denver Marketing Presentation: Leveraging Social Media to drive New Business

Maddy Osman, ,

A Marketing agency executive discusses how they are Leveraging Social Media and other techniques to drive new business for their agency

Denver Cloud Presentation: Leveraging Social Media to drive New Business

Thomas Cross, ,

Leveraging Social Media & Other Techniques to Drive New Business - what really works

NYC CPA Roadshow: How CPAs are leveraging their website to drive business

Rod Baptie, ,

"How CPAs are leveraging their website to drive business" was presented at the NYC CPA Roadshow by Rod Baptie, President of Baptie & Company.

NYC Marketing Roadshow - Leveraging Social Media

Zontee Hou, ,

A Marketing agency executive discusses how they are Leveraging Social Media and other techniques to drive new business for their agency

Dallas CPA Roadshow - Best Practices in Marketing

Troy Ashby,

Presented by Troy Ashby, CPA